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Lisa A. Hobart, Assessor

Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


West Bloomfield Assessor's Office Belief Statements

We will:

Analyze market transactions to establish assessments in accordance with Michigan Statutes.

Maintain accurate records and provide easily accessible information to the community, other Departments and Township Board.

Utilize education and training to refine and update our skills and knowledge and implement programs to provide meaningful educational materials to the public.

Complete our tasks in a timely, cost effective manner by following an organized plan.

Be courteous and respectful.

West Bloomfield Township consists of more than 25,000 Real Property Parcels and nearly 1,500 Personal Property Parcels.
The 2011 Assessment Roll will exceed 3 Billion Dollars. The Assessment Roll represents 1/2 of the Market Value of properties subject to taxation in the Township.
The Assessor's Office invites you to review the information contained at this site. If you find you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office directly.


Michigan Statute's require that all Real and Personal Property, subject to taxation, shall be assessed annually.

Assessments are estimated at 50% of the properties Market Value. However, property owners pay taxes based on the properties Taxable Value. Taxable Value is the lesser of Assessed Value (SEV) or the prior years taxable value minus losses, increased by the lesser of 5% of the Inflation Rate Multiplier, plus Additions. A transfer of ownership will change the taxable value to the assessed value in the year following the transfer of ownership.

Example:  100,000 Taxable Value
                35 Millage Rate (Dollars per Thousand)
                $3,500 Estimated Annual Tax Bill



Business Personal Property generally consisting of office furniture and fixtures, machinery and equipment, computers, etc, is subject to taxation in the State of Michigan. Normal household furnishings are specifically exempted from personal property taxation.

Owners of assessable personal property are required to file a personal property statement on or before February 20th of each year. This date may vary for a certain types of personal property.  Additionally, if February 20 falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the date will be modified.

Contact the Assessor's Office should you have questions about assessable personal property.



@ccess Oakland

Oakland County Register of Deeds Search (www.landaccess.com)
Michigan Tax Tribunal
Michigan Townships Association



If you own and occupy your home as your principal residence, you may be eligible for a Principal Residence Exemption (PRE). Parcels with a valid PRE are exempt from a portion of the school operating millage rates. Your Assessment Notice and Tax Bill will indicate whether your home is 100% PRE, or some percentage thereof.

To claim an exemption, the owner/occupant must file Michigan Department of Treasury form 2368 with the local assessor in the community where the property is located. The deadline to file form 2368 is June 1 for the summer tax levy and November 1 for the winter tax levy.

Within 90 days of when you no longer own and/or occupy the property as a principal residence, you must complete and file with the local assessor, a Request to Rescind Principal Residence Exemption (PRE) Michigan Department of Treasury form 2602. Alternatively, the property may be eligible for a "Conditional Rescission" if another PRE has been established and if the home is for sale. The property owner must file a Conditional Rescission of Principal Residence Exemption (PRE), Michigan Department of Treasury, form 4640 to determine eligibility.

Please read the Michigan Department of Treasury forms carefully to ensure eligibility. The forms are available at www.michigan.gov or at the Assessors Office. Please contact the Assessing Office should you have any questions about Principal Residence Exemptions.



Michigan Statue requires that the buyer, grantee, or other transferee notify the appropriate assessing office within 45 days of the transfer of ownership. The notification is to be in writing, specifically on form L-4260.

This form is available in the Assessor's Office. Failure to file form L-4260 will result in a penalty.

Undisclosed sales are not exempted from filing the L-4260 transfer of ownership form.